Janice E. "Pat" Ross, M.D., is a licensed (New York, South Carolina, Georgia) and board certified physician (anatomical, clinical and forensic pathology) who has successfully completed the certification program offered by the American Association of Medical Review Officers. In addition, she has testified as an expert witness in municipal, state and federal courts in both criminal and civil proceedings.

Forensic pathology involves the medical investigation into and the assessment of an individual's cause and manner of death. The forensic pathologist conducts an autopsy which requires application of his/her medical training and knowledge in the evaluation of the death. The field of forensic pathology incorporates information regarding the circumstances surrounding the death, the anatomical findings, the clinical and psychosocial histories, the information from related forensic disciplines (e.g. toxicology, trace chemistry, ballistics), etc. into the medical opinion of the cause and manner of death. This opinion may ultimately be presented in a court of law or other legal proceedings. Autopsy findings often yield critical information regarding disease and injury, thus making the forensic pathologist a vital servant of the public health.

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