Extraction Devices

FSN is marketing a patented solid-phase extraction device referred to as disposable pipette extraction (DPX). This device provides rapid extraction of drugs and metabolites for blood, urine and tissue extracts. Numerous applications have been developed and are available. One application involves the extraction of THC and metabolites from whole blood in just minutes!

Click here for additional photos or a movie of the DPX in action.

In addition to the DPX tips, a semi-automated extraction device for DPX and other solid-phase extraction methods is being developed. This device will permit the simultaneous extraction of 12, 24 or even 48 samples. The most important aspect of this device is that each sample is processed using identical conditions, and this improves the accuracy and precision of extractions. Furthermore, the device will improve QA/QC procedures by tracking all samples processed and "checking" samples to diminish sample mishandling errors. The device is currently under development.

Client Services

Forensic Science Network is also happy to provide online document viewing for its customers. Reviewed documents are digitally signed and uploaded to a secure client area, and an email notification is sent directly to the client with a password protected link. Clients may also log in to their protected area at any time to view a complete listing of their recent FSN documents. This feature has been a tremendous success and further separates FSN from its competitors.

For more information on FSN products please send us an email.