Marvin H. "Mickey" Dawson, Jr. is a board certified forensic document examiner (American Board of Forensic Document Examiners). Mr. Dawson retired from the state of South Carolina following a 27 year career as a commissioned state law enforcement officer wherein 25 of these were served as a forensic document examiner. In 1975, he established the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division's (SLED) Document Laboratory. To date, he has testified over 300 times as an expert in the field of forensic document examination in the courts of North and South Carolina as well as in Georgia.

Forensic document examination involves the assessment and comparison of handwriting, hand printing, typewriting, photocopies, papers, inks and other material in order to establish authorship and/or authenticity of contested documents. In addition, forensic document examiners are frequently called upon to detect the presence of any fraudulent alterations or obliterations. Commonly disputed documents include but are not limited to: wills, deeds, trusts, medical records, contracts, banking records, checks, election materials, anonymous writings and documents of historical significance.

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